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How to Output the measured signal from NI9237 with NI9263

Hi all, 

I am a beginner. I use this NI9237 to measure strain.  Is it possible to output the strain into analog signals with NI9263?  Is it possible to do simultaneous measuring strain and output the signal? I am using the DAQexpress, Can anyone help me and tell me how exactly can I do that? 


Thank you very much. 


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some signal conditioners do that:

Amplify the bridgevoltage, ADC, do some numerical filtering/integration/differentiation/linearisation, DAC, Buffer(&Amp), output


You will always get some group delay. (depending on the math and speed of your system)

Usually ADC and DAC need to share the same clock. For each sample in one sample out (or a decimated fraction out).


Start with the continous (sync) input and output examples found at Help/examples..



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