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How to I tell if selected DAQmx device is a 9234, 4472, or a 4474?

In Labview, how do I tell what device has been selected?  The expected devices are a USB-9234, PCI-4472, and PCI-4474.  The USB-9234 does not support a few of the commands--such as overload detection--that are supported on the PCI-4472/4474 devices.  I expect that there's a property field that reports the device's model number but I haven't found it.
Thank you for any help you provide.
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Try the following function in the Palletes Measurement IO/DAQmx/Advanced/SystemSetup and use the Device Node.
Now right click on it, select Properties, and choose Identification/Product Type. I've never used, but it looks like it outputs a string. Do not know what it returns im multiple devices are detected. Might be worth a try.
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Yes, use the Device Node, and you have to pass in an Active Device. You will get information of the device you pass in.
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AnalogKid &  ck.x,

Thanks for your help that was exactly what I was looking for.


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