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How does TestStand Operator Interface handle multithreading?

The operator interface shows the execution of the sequence, yet how does it handle the sequence which utilizes multithreading (or does it)? Does it just not show the steps of the second/third thread, or does it skip their execution? How do I work around this?
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Hello Dawn,

I am not sure what you are asking about, but I'll take a shot at an answer 🙂 The "full" operator interface (i.e. \OperatorInterfaces\) that ships with TestStand functions exactly like the sequence editor except for the fact that you cannot modify/create sequences. If you have a subseqeunce that is set to launch in a new thread, then the status of the steps within this subsequence will not be displayed. This is the same behaviour inside of the Sequence Editor. If you want to trace through the steps in your subsequence call, then you should set the subsequence to run in a new execution. Keep in mind, however, that there is more overhead when running in a new execution than there is when running in a new thread.

So in summa
ry, the Operator Interface will execute your seqeunce just as the Sequence Editor would. It does NOT skip any threads or executions. It is just that when you run in a new thread, there will be no visible display of the steps executing in that thread. To achieve this functionality, run the subsequence in a new execution.

Hope this helps! 🙂
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