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How do I configure a cwDI ComponentWorks Control for Digital Input?

I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to programatically configure
a cwDI Object under Visual Basic? My setup consists of a multichassis
SCXI System (4 x SCXI1001) cabled to a PCI-6052E DAQ card.
I think my main problem is the ChannelString, which is set to "sc1!md11!0"
where an SCXI-1162 is in slot 11 of chassis 1
There error I receive when trying to run goes something like this:
Error: 10403
"The specified device does not support the requested action
(the driver recognizes the device, but the action is inappropriate
for the device)."

and occurs when I call csDI1.Configure

Thanks for any help Smiley Happy
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