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How do I address serial ports on a Cyclom-Y 16-port serial box SM-16?

I am running Windows 2000 and Labview 5.1.1. I have installed as my serial interface a Cyclom-Y SM-16 serial box with the latest driver from the Cyclades website. When I attempt to write to, or read from, a serial port associated with the box, I get a code 37 (Device Not Found) error.

I know the box is functioning, as I can use HyperTerminal to communicate between any two ports on the box.
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You would probably have a better chance of getting this question answered if you posted it to the Instrument I/O>>GPIB newsgroup.

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Thanks for the reply...after posting the question, I realized that the COM port numbering started at two, not one like I expected; thus I was addressing a port that wasn't connected. I corrected my code, and the communications worked.
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