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How do I acquire data from a DAQpad using traditional NI-DAQ?

I'm trying to write a program in LabView to acquire data from a wave generator using a DAQPad-6020E board (USB). Because of the model of the DAQ board, I'm limited to using Traditional NI-DAQ. I tried using the Acquire Waveforms VI from the Analog Inputs VIs and I connected it to channel, sample rate and number of samples controls and I wired the output to a waveform graph. When I run the program it gives me an error message: "Error 10001 occurred at AI Group configuration. NI DAQ LV: an error was detected in the input string; the arrangement or ordering of the characters in the string is not consistent with the expected ordering".  I'm not sure what input string it's talking about, and the documentation I've found for Traditional NI-DAQ doesn't mention specifics. Any help or a link to a good tutorial on data acquisition using Traditional NI-DAQ would be appreciated. Like I said, I've looked at the help files, but the documents I've found on Traditional NI-DAQ are too general.
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Hello babyloniantg,

You may have already looked at this, but the shipping example Getting Started Analog Input VI would be a good place for you to start with the Traditional NI-DAQ (Legacy) driver.  Another great resource for that particular error is this KB, which explains possible solutions for this error.

Micaela N
National Instruments
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