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How do I 'Reserve' an Ethernet based cDAQ chassis in software without using MAX?

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I am using a cDAQ 9188 with the Ethernet interface. It works quite well, but the setup is a bit more than what I like for the end users. Users first make go into MAX and make establish a connection. After that, users must 'Reserve' the chassis to ensure access to it. This isn't a problem except I have yet to find a way to do it within G code. I would rather not include in my documentation a series of steps demanding that the user go into MAX everytime they want to turn on the system. I would rather it be comparable to a USB DAQ experience where it just works.


Any examples out there or suggests on Properties, Methods, or VIs to use for my situation?

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As a note:


See section: Configuring NI-DAQmx for NI CompactDAQ Ethernet Chassis


I want to do that, but in software. without openning MAX.

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08-27-2015 04:09 PM

You'll want to use the DAQmx Reserve Network, under Measurement I/O -> DAQmx - Data Acquisition -> DAQmx Advanced -> System Setup.





Brandon Streiff ·
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There are also shipping examples that show these functions in action in the Example Finder.

Hardware Input and Output » DAQmx » Configuration » Network DAQ - Basic Configuration or Network DAQ - Advanced Configuration if you also want to add the chassis programmatically.

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Thank you both. I searched and managed to miss these things some how.


It looks like I'd need DAQmx 9.2 as well as Silverlight to run those actions, am I correct? That is, it doesn't depend upon the version of LabView (except for significantly old versions, I suppose).


This will help make my system much more user friendly. Thank you.

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Yes, you need DAQmx 9.2 for the programmatic add/reserve (with the VIs). You need DAQmx 9.2 at a minimum in order to use the cDAQ-9188 anyway.


It's not dependent on version of LabVIEW (aside from being a version of LabVIEW supported by DAQmx 9.2, of course).


You do not need Silverlight to use the VIs, though; you only need Silverlight for configuring the device from within MAX, or via the web interface.

Brandon Streiff ·
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Is there any way to do this from C#?

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Hi raphaelb,


Check out the AddNetworkDevice and ReserveNetworkDevice methods in Measurement Studio. The help document should have more information on those.


Also, this post was marked resolved almost 5 years ago! If you have more questions about this I suggest you make a new post in the Measurement Studio Thread.

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