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How can I use a NI USB-6212 to control a stepper motor?

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I need to move my stepper motor by prescribing specific angular displacements, in open-loop. I have a NI USB-6212 board and I use it with Matlab. Is it possible? How can I do it? Can someone please help me? 

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Accepted by GabrielPGSilva

What the 6212 *can* do is generate a finite pulse train with an exact # of pulses at a constant frequency.  You would need a stepper drive that accepts step and direction input (maybe also enable) and uses them to drive power to the motor windings in the right sequence.  (Direction and enable can be simple software-timed DO lines.)


What you pretty much *can't* do is generate nice motion trajectories that allow for smoother motion and higher speeds.  You'll be limited to the speed range that the your system can reliably follow, like maybe low single digits of revs/sec, and the motion may not be terribly smooth.  A microstepping drive can help with smoothness but won't appreciably change the top speed.


Sorry, I don't know any of the Matlab-based syntax, only LabVIEW.



-Kevin P

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