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How can I use CWAI1AcquiredData Event?

I use CWAI component in Borlnad C++ Builder 4.0.
But I can't use CWAI1AcquiredData event to CWGraph1->PlotY.

In add, I want to know how print out image of CWGrap1->ControlImage;
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Let me first say that our ComponentWorks components are not officially supported in Borland Builder. You can read more about the difficulties involved here.

I have attached a VC++ 6.0 program which acquires n scans asynchronously from your DAQ device. The acquired data function in acquirenscans.cpp will execute after the nth point is sampled. I assume your setup in Builder will be similar to this cpp and header file.

The ControlImage function returns a CNiPicture. CNiPicture encapsulates the COM IPicture interface, which manages a picture object and its properties. The IPicture interface is part of the Windows SDK and manages a picture o
bject and its properties. Picture objects provide a language-neutral abstraction for bitmaps, icons, and metafiles.

Eric Meyer
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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