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How can I synchronize the waveform generation on PCI-6733 and reading two counter data using PCI-6733 and/or PCI-6014?

I have a NI PCI -6733 card that I can generate a continuous waveform (sine  wave) to drive a piezo stage. I write to waveform to FIFO buffer and it continuously updates. I also would like to read the number of pulses from two photo detectors (APD) every millisecond or faster simultaneously; and I want to start reading counters everytime when the sine wave is at zero (or at a predefined value).
I also have two more PCI-6014 cards installed on the same computer. As a first step, using one of the 6014, I was able to read the pulse counts from a pulse generator every X amount of time (typically 0,1-10 ms) using the CTR0 (PFI8)  and connecting  the digital signal (X  period) generated by the second 6014 to the GPCTR0_GATE (PFI9) of  the first 6014. I can restart reading the counter in my labview program using the software. However, I would like to hardware synchronize the start of reading counter with some sort of a  trigger possibly generated by 6733 card.
Is it possible to start (and then restart) reading a counter (on 6014 or  on 6733) using a rising edge generated by AO or DIO of 6733 ?
Eventually, I would like the CTR1 count pulses from a second source together with CTR0 simultaneously.
Any ideas?
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Hi Madigan,

One thing you could do is use the AnalogComparisonEvent which will send a pulse whenever an analog trigger or analog window is setup and triggered.  You can then use the pulse created by your AnalogComparisonEvent to trigger a retriggerable counter output.  That counter output can be setup to generate a pulse will be low when you want your Counter Input to be counting and high when you don't want it counting.  This will work if you are using the Count Digital Events-Pause from the example finder.

Hopefully this will help you on your way to developing your application.  Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank You,

Nick F.
Applications Engineer
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