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How can I reset my device?

I would like to reset a PCI-6731 analog output card.
I'm trying to use DAQmxResetDevice but it doesn't work exactly like I want.
For example, If there is a 3V output voltage on Dev1/ao0. I apply the DAQmxResetDevice(Dev1) function. After that the output is still at 3v.
Is there a function allowing to reset the device and to return its output to 0v under CVI 8.5.

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I don't do CVI, but a simple function call to ouput 0 volts on the channel (just like it was called to set it to 3 V) should suffice, no?
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Yes I'm already using this solution.  But to do this I need first to create a task, then to create a channel then to configure this channel, to write on to this channel and after that to stop and close the task!!
I hoped that there was a function which reset the device to powerup state!!
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You are using the good solution. The DAQmxResetDevice stop tasks and return the device to an initialized states. You can't also set the outputs to 0 by MAX with the "Reset function".
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