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How can I get 6704 output working under Linux?

I want to do Anaolg output with a 6704 card under Linux (preferably with gnu C++). To my understanding, EDaq only works with E series cards, and the Comedi drivers work for Analog In only (in any event, 6704 was not listed in their supported hardware section). Do I have any other options?
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Unfortunately, National Instruments does not provide a driver for the 6704 card under the Linux enviroment. You could try and use Register Level Programming (RLP) to program the board in Linux. I have attached a preliminary RLP document for the 6704 and more information can be found on the National Instruments website on how to program various NI DAQ cards via RLP at

The following disclaimer comes attached to the RLP for 6704 word document:

Disclaimer: This document is not guaranteed accurate!
It is a preliminary copy of the manual.
Use this document in conjunction with:

"PCI E-Series register level programming manual"
and possibly

"DAQ-STC programmer manual"

Along with the AO RLP examples on the DAQ RLP page

Hope this helps you get started.
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