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How about plugging NI cRIO-9233 into USB-9161 carrier?

When you plug NI cRIO-9215 into USB-9161 carrier, you get USB-9215 with reduced sampling rate (from 100kHz/ch to 20kHz max). Just wondering whether I can plug a NI cRIO-9233 into a USB carrier such as USB-9161 to form a USB-9233. If that can be done, what about the sampling rate, will it be reduced from 50kHz/ch?

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Currently, only the 9211 and the 9215 are supported. Check back soon since more modules and sleeves will be added in the future. There is no details yet about which ones exactely or when they will be out.
Just as a note, the sampling rate limitation is due to USB limitations.
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Just found some info on the forum regarding the future release of NI USB-9233 from "NI Discussion Forums : Additional NI Product Boards : Dynamic Signal Acquisition : cRIO-9233 manual specs max data rate=50kS/s. Is this per channel or aggregate?".


1. The cRIO-9233 will be incorporated into a product called the USB-9233 with the release of NI-DAQmx and can be programmed in NI-DAQ. This was shown at the SAE NVH show and will sell for $1495.

It will also soon be incorported into another product called the cRIO-4408 with 2 cRIO-9233 modules. It will not be controlled via NI-DAQ. It will have a personality pre-loaded on the system and communication and data transfer is controlled by TCP/IP protocol for the NI cRIO-4408. An example of this communication in LabVIEW is included with the device.

2. The USB-9233 is expected to be released in July with the release of NI-DAQmx 7.5. The part number will be 779365-01. With the Sound and Vibration Toolset it is 779366-01.

One question: How to make full use of the sampling rate capabilities of cRIO-9215 and cRIO-9233?
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I don't understand why USB 2.0 bus with 480MB/s capability is a limiting factor for sampling rates.

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Hello WWY,

I am not sure where you got the information from, but I am not aware of any USB-9233 coming soon. I do know though that there are plans to port current USB devices to NI-DAQmx in a future release. Not sure when...
I also would like to point out that the rates are given in Sample/second and each sample is made of more than just 1 byte. More over, there is a lot more involved in the actual handling of the device than just shooting values down the pipe.
Hope this helps..
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