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Help on Selection of a suitable PCI/DAQ Hardware setup


I am doing a project which involves 2 different sensors with different Sampling Rates.

My Encoder needs a Sampling Rate of 6.25MHz & my analog sensors needs 100KHz Sample Rate.

Can someone please Guide me how to select a suitable NI Hardware(PCI/DAQ)...!!!



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Assuming that the encoder can be interfaced by a counter and that the number of analogue signals is limited, a multifunction I/O device will be suitable. As the sampling frequency of the analog inputs of the following cards depends on the number of channels, these models are suitable for 100kHz acquisition:

  • ≤ 2: PCIe-6321

  • ≤ 5: PCIe-6341
  • ≤ 10: PCIe-6351
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Thank You for the suggestion.

Will the Encoder Sampling Rate be achieved (6MHz)..?

If i connect it to a 8 channel DAQ/CDAQ, can each channel acquire data in different Sampling Rate...?


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Before choosing a multiplexed input DAQ, have a close look at the specification (settle time error)  and check if your signal sources are low impedance.

I had too many problems with such cards while reading multiple channels, so I always try to avoid multiplexed inputs and choose simultainious sampling DAQ.


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