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Having a problem with NI PCI-6025E on SOME computers

Sorry if the information is a bit thin but I'm writing this at home having had a frustrating day at work and thought I'd check on here, without any prior experience of the site, to see what I could find.

As the title shows I have two NI PCI-6025E LOW COST MULTIFUNCTION I/O BOARDs which I have fitted to "standard" PC's using Soltek boards AMD Semperon 2500 and 256mb value DDR Ram. The problem is that I cannot get a stable reading all the channels (we use 9 {analog if relevant}). I have an old HP computer which I use as a "known OK system" and everything is OK on that i.e. swapping the cards from the new computer to the "KOKS" they work OK. I've tried a different motherboard/cpu combination in the new setup with the same variation so it must be something case related. Has anyone any idea what I should look at next.

Note that I spent some time finding out how to and then changing the IRQ of the card to 11 when the computer would not drop below 16 but having read some of the information on here I realise I could change the NI Card IRQ to that which the computer allocates, is this a viable alternative or where I am going wrong?


Colin Smith
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Hello Colin,

The best way to test NI cards is using a utility called Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX). This should be an icon on your desktop or available from the start menu. From here, you can test all aspects of your devices.

If you open up MAX and expand the +My System section of the tree and the +Devices and Interfaces and the +NI-DAQmx Devices sections of the tree. You should see listed the NI 6025e cards. If you right-click on the card and select 'Test Panels' a test dialog will pop-up. Connect some known DC signals to the channels on the card that are giving off readings. Then on the analog input tab, select each of these channels in turn and then run the test panel and observe the values being read.

If you observe a stable reading here from all the channels then it may be a problem with the software you are using to acquire data. If a stable reading isn't possible, please post details of the signals you have connected, and also the version of the NI-DAQ driver you have and the operating system you are using. From this information I'll be able to look into these problems further.


NIUK and Ireland
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Hello Hannah

Thanks for your reply. Note that the problem, fluctuating voltage, is reported only when the board is fitted in two identical computers which I have just assembled. If I use the same NI card in another computer the problem disapears and the application operates as normal. I've tried the measurement and automation utility but all that is doing is confirming that I have a problem however I'll have a closer look at the results coming from the two "bad" computers and the "good" one.

Note that I'm out of the office from Thursday for a couple of weeks and will not be able to follow this up after tomorrow so if it all goes quiet you'll know why but if I do solve it I'll let you know.


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