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Hardware to Output a 2000 S/s Signal



I'm trying to output a 2000 s/S signal. I originally tried using a USB-6008, however the AO rate wasn't fast enough and the software timed output wasn't accurate enough. I was looking to buy the USB 9263 since I only want to output a signal, but I'm not sure if it has hardware timed output. Or would it be better to go with a multifunction daq, such as the USB 6221?




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The 9263 does have hardware timed analog output, and should work for your application.  Do you need the USB form factor, or would PCI or PCIe work?  If these are acceptable, then you could get a multifunction DAQ card such as the PCIe 6321 for almost the same cost and with much more functionality.  This might be useful if the current use for this card is only temporary and you wish to be able to use it for other things in the future (such as analog input, digital I/o, or counter operations).  


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