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Hardware for Digital Trigger


I´m planning to acquire data of a acceleration sensor with a NI9234 Module. I´m using DIAdem as a measurement software. 

I would like to trigger the whole measurement with a signal impulse out of our machine tool. When the milling is starting, one signal is set from 0 to 1. 

My plan is to measure this signal and start the acquisition of the acceleration when the machine signal is changed.


But there is one problem left: which module do I need to measure the trigger signal which comes out of the machine?


Thanks in advance!

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Can you tell us more about your setup (what chassis are you using, are there other modules, etc.)?  For example if you are using a CompactDAQ chassis, you can connect your signal to the PFI lines and use them as trigger source. Also some other modules have PFI lines that can be used.



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