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HELP : setting final value to zero after continuous voltage ouput

I am using NI cDAQ-9178 and NI 9269 AO module.

i am generating square wave voltage continuous output. 

when i stop this iteration. the final value(final voltage output) is random, not zero.


so i add "write" and "stop" at the end of code.

it works under 1k sample rate (sample clock).

but, it doesn't work over 1k sample rate such as 5k, 10k.

i would like to increase my sample rate up to 10k.

(square wave frequency is 2k)


thank you for all your comments.





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Hi w82143


I've tried to run the shipping example and the file that you'd given with same specs and set the sample rate at 10k without any problem.

Would you mind to share was there any error pop out when you tried to run it at the speed above 1000Hz?

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