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Generate, read, and fit sine wave

(I am relatively new to LabVIEW)


I am working towards reading in a signal from a 3d magnetometer and finding the amplitude of the sine wave signal. I am working with the NI USB-6343. I want to be able to generate a signal of a know frequency and known phase and then read that signal back in using the DAQ board for both. In order to get rid of the noise I want to read in multiple iterations of this signal and average them out. So I am trying to output then read (1000) steps of a sine wave and then repeat the process with that exact same portion but with different noise.


I am struggling to figure out these two questions.

1) how to average the signals across each scan?

2) how to read data that has the same base signal each time (same frequency and phase)?


I have attached my current VI. Thanks for any help.

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