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Generate and Output 100kHz sine wave on PCIe-6031e with LV2014


Generate and Output 100kHz sine wave on PCIe-6031e with LV2014

I'm trying to output a 100khz sine wave using the Simulate signal express VI and the DAQmx DAQ Assistant.  I've configured the Simulate Signal for a 100khz Sine Wave, Amplitude of 5, Samples per second at 1,000,000, and Number of samples of 100,000.  Phase and offset at 0, Number of samples is Automatic, and it's set to Run as fast as possible.  Time Stamps are relative, reset signal set to use continuous generation.


The DAQ Assistant is set for a Sine Wave, Continuous Samples, Signal Output Range of +5 to -5 volts.  Use waveform timing is checked, and the samples to write is currently at 10k with the rate at 500k.  I've tried numerous values for the samples to write and rate, but keep getting the same results.  I've tried using the internal clock as well as setting it as an external clock using the 20MHzTimebase and 100KHzTimebase. 


The error I'm receiving is:


Error -200018 occurred at DAQmx Write (Analog 1D Wfm NChan NSamp).vi:6390005

Possible reason(s):

DAC conversion attempted before data to be converted was available.

Decrease the output frequency to increase the period between DAC conversions, or reduce the size of your output buffer in order to write data more often. If you are using an external clock, check  your signal for the presence of noise or glitches.


Is it possible to do what I'm trying to do using the 6031e?  If it is possible, how do I do it?  I've got the a0 output of the 6031e attached to my OScope to measure the signal out.  Through a ton of messing around with the numbers using only the DAQ Assistant I've been able to get a 50KHz signal out with internal clock and 20 Samples to Write with a 1M Rate. (this was using the run button inside the express VI configuration screen, not with external data being fed in).


Any ideas?  Many thanks in advance!

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Re: Generate and Output 100kHz sine wave on PCIe-6031e with LV2014

Can't help with the DAQ Assistant, but you could try out one of the shipping examples instead.  Go to Help-->Find Examples... and search out "Voltage - Continuous".  Try it out, then you can also study the code to start learning how to do regular DAQmx programming. 



-Kevin P



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