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Multifunction DAQ

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Generate a continuous pulses from digital output port with external clock source

I had a USB 6353 DAQ board.  I want to set AO sample clock from an external clock source (PFIx) and set the programmable Clock Divider to an integer number like the following:


What is/are functions should I use?





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In LabVIEW, you would use a DAQmx Timing property node to set:

Sample Clock.Timebase.Source

Sample Clock.Timebase Divisor





-Kevin P

CAUTION! New LabVIEW adopters -- it's too late for me, but you *can* save yourself. The new subscription policy for LabVIEW puts NI's hand in your wallet for the rest of your working life. Are you sure you're *that* dedicated to LabVIEW?

(Summary of my reasons in this post, part of a voluminous thread of mostly complaints starting here).

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Hi Kevin,


  Thanks for your help.  I solve the problem in C# by setting the sample source, divider like you did in Labview.



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