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Facing issue measuring weight using Load Cell and NI 9218 with DSUB and 9171 chassis

Hello all,

I am using NI 9218 with DSUB along with 9171 chassis to measure weight using a Load Cell. My VI includes DAQ Assistant. The excitation I am using is internal 3.3 V and in Force (Bridge) mode, (Tried Voltage as well as Bridge input mode too). On trying to perform the task I have observed that the signal I am getting is Sinusoidal in nature and on putting the load it appears as a ripples in that sinusoidal base. So, as it is sinusoidal I am getting varying mean value and hence the varying calculated weight.

I might be missing some thing and performing the task in correctly. Hence, seek guidance from your end. 

Thanks in advance.

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Dear HS11,


Can you please attach your code? preferably the project you've written your code in.

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Apart from attaching your code, it would be of help if you provide us with the following details:


- Steps followed when setting up the DAQ Assistant

- Screenshot of the data output graph

- Load cell that is being used

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