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FPGA C API feature parity with Labview FPGA modul ?



Hi there,


I have a question regarding the behaviour of FIFO.Stop method when using the FPGA C API.




* The documentation for the FIFO.Stop (Invoke Method, FPGA modul) explicitly states this :


"Stops the DMA data transfer between the FPGA target and the host computer. This method deletes all data from the host memory and FPGA parts of the FIFO. "



* However the documentation for the FPGA C API equivalent function NiFpga_StopFifo states only this


"Stops a FIFO. This method is optional."

NiFpga_Status NiFpga_StopFifo(NiFpga_Session session, uint32_t fifo)

source : FPGA C API help file.



My concerns:


FPGA modul's FIFO.Stop method deletes all data from the host memory and FPGA parts of the FIFO.

I would like to know if this is the case also when using the FPGA C API?

In fact I would need the functionality of deleting the data also from FPGA part.



My questions.


1. Is there already a feature parity between FPGA modul and FPGA C API or the problem

is only the FPGA C API help file is very old from 2014 and not updated ?

2. Any plans to update this help file?



Thank you for any clarifications. 





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