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Example of Dataacquisition with a HI-Speed USB Carrier NI USB-9162 and a NI 9239



I´m trying to develop an application with  the HI-Speed USB Carrier NI USB-9162 and a NI 9239 Module, but I had problems with the DAQ Assistant about the configuration of the parameters:


Timing Settings:

 Acquisition Modes, Samples to read, Rate (Hz)


I need to get 10000 Samples pro second (10KHz).


An example of my Programm is attached. I hope that someone could help me.




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Hi pedrito55,

could you please provide more details about the problem you're experiencing?
The application you've attached is running fine on my system, is there any error messge etc.?

Please also have a look at the example library shipped with LabVIEW, there are plenty of examples there that show you how to perform certain tasks.



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Thank you for your answer.

The idea is to measure the acceleration of an impact in a specific material sample. The implemented devices are:

- Module NI USB 9239 with HI-Speed USB Carrier NI USB-9162
- Power Supply/Coupler 5118B2
- Miniature-acceleration sensor Typ 8730A500


I have seen in my program that the way to save the data could not be right.


I will try with the example library.




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