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Ethernet based DIO suggestions



I wanted to ask here on the forum, I was surprised with the search results searching for "Ethernet based DIO", I didn't find too many results with references to devices you guys are using in your applications.


As the title suggests, I'm looking for sggestions for ethernet based digital input and output devices you guys are successfully using with labview.  I have some experience with Acromag products which I do like, even though it's translated through modbus.  I've recently been tasked with working on a system that uses Sensoray's ethernet based DIO devices and Im having quite a bit of trouble getting things to work smoothly.  


So in general, does anyone have any pleasant experiences with any ethernet dio devices made by a company other than acromag or sensoray?




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I personally haven't used them, but you should look at NI's cDAQ.  They have a few Ethernet chassis.  They work with DAQmx.

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Hi Pat,


The NI cDAQ-9181, cDAQ-9184, and cDAQ-9188 are all cDAQ ethernet chassis, and you can use high speed DIO modules such as the NI-9401 or NI-9402.


Here are some some other Digital input and output modules:,n24:cDAQ,n4:7692/


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Thanks for the replies, I'm looking into them!

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