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Error accessing the Devices and Interfaces using Measurement & Automation

After installing and re-installing twice the DAQx 8.95 I'm still unable to explore the Devices and Interfaces view within the Measurement & Automation Explorer. The error is "The max database exited anormally".


I have already tried to start manually the  NI Configuration Manager service as stated in the workaround below but the service stops automatically immediatly after I have started it.


Anyone any ideas?

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Hello Gerardo,


After reading your post I have a few questions to ask about this. Does the NI Configuration Manager service give you an error when try to start the service? You can check to see if an error occurred by looking into the Event Viewer. Also is the NI Device Loader or NI Service Locator started? I bet that these might not be started either so let's try to start these services to see if you see the same problem.


Also can you provide some information about your computer like version of Windows, NI cards in the system, etc? This information will help us figure out what the problem is. Thanks.

Jim St
National Instruments
RF Product Support Engineer
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