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Error 88705 on PCI-6280

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After getting error 88705, PCI-6280 board was removed but MAX still sees the board and cannot be deleted in attempt to re-install in new slot.  Any ideas?

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08-27-2015 04:09 PM



When you say that it can't be deleted, is the option simply grayed out? This is after the card has been removed from the system completely?

Could you also tell me what version of the DAQ drivers you are using as well as the operating system with this computer?


I found a knowledge base regarding the 88705 error that you may want to go through as well:

The issue could be with MAX or with a process not running, so let me know about the above and if the KB helps at all so we can look in to this further if need be. Thanks.



Timothy S.
PXI & VXI Platform Product Support Engineer
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Yes, the delete option was grayed out even with the board removed.  I have been in contact with a Labview Technician about this problem (case 1652819).  I originally posted this question because I didn't think our group here had technician support.  Thanks.

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I've followed up with the Engineer that you are working with through the phone support channel. Please continue with that path until we can get the issue resolved. Once we have gotten to that point, we'll get the solution information posted here as well.

Timothy S.
PXI & VXI Platform Product Support Engineer
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I am facing a similar issue now. Has this issue been resolved? What was the solution?
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Thanks Tim, but problem already fixed.  Don't remember now what it was.

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From what I can tell going through the notes from this particular issue internally, it appears to have been resolved through clearing the MAX database. The issue looked to be caused by a corruption of the MAX database causing the card to continue to identify when it wasn't in the system. In that regard, I'd recommend looking through the What is the Process For Removing MAX Database Corruption? document and then letting us know if you have further troubles.

Timothy S.
PXI & VXI Platform Product Support Engineer
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