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Error 50405 on a USB 6225



I am using a USB 6225 DAQ board to log data from 80 analog inputs wired in the RSE configuration . The system is installed at my field site, and appears to be wired correctly but I cannot get Labview or Signal Express to start acquiring data from the DAQ. Regardless of what channels or how many channels I tell it to acquire from, the system immediately reports the following error:


Error - 50405 occurred at DAQ

Start Task vi:2

Possible Reasons

No transfer is in progress because the transfer was aborted by the client. The operation could not be completed as specified.

Task Name _unnamed task <0>


The DAQ board is the only usb device plugged into the computer. I am not sure where to begin trouble shooting this problem. Any help would be appreciated.




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Will it be possible to post the VI that you  were using. Did you try with some example VIs?

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Most of the time this error occurs because of problems with the USB power provided from the system.

There are several threads discussing this error here which also provides some hints for troubleshooting.



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I could post up the VI but I don't think that is the problem as if I just make a simple VI that only has a DAQ Assistant I get the error upon trying to acquire a signal.




The power could likely be the source of the problem as the system is off the grid and is running on battery bank, that is charged by a generator. Currently I have the DAQ board wired directly into the DC circuit as running it through the inverter is not energy efficiant. I will try running it off the inverter to see if that helps. I have checked the voltage running into the DAQ board and it is what the specs say it requires, so I am not sure why this would be causing a problem, not to say that it isn't though.




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Please read through the following discussion forum it provides some pretty good troubleshooting tips and migh help you get back on track.  Don't hesitate to post back if you are still having trouble.



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Thanks for the help.


This has given me some ideas to test out. 

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