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Error 223571 occurred at daq assistant.


      I am an engineering student who is just about to finish up an end of year project. I have a ni my daq student instrumentation device which is controlling my project. I am using 4 digital outputs and one digital input, Also i am using counter for pulse width modulation. This was working perfect until this morning. I plugged my daq into the laptop as normal and when i went to run the program I got the above error. I have made no changes to hardware or software since yesterday when this project was working. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi Smchale, 


Are you able to provide the code, or a screenshot of the error? Is this the description you get with the error? Also what hardware are you using?


Error -223571 occurred

Possible reason(s):

Internal Software Error occurred in RF software. 


Hopefully these will help work out where the error is. 


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