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Error -201425: Acquiring different modules at the same time

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to acquire from a PXIe-4499 and a PXIe-4300 board at the same time, but in MAX I get the following error:


Error -201425 occurred at DAQ Assistant

The multidevice task does not have a method for synchronizing timing that is compatible with all of the included devices.


Is it possible to acquire from both modules at the same time? How should I do?



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Hey LuizFelipe,


From the error message you posted I'm assuming you are trying to put channels from both boards in the same NI DAQmx Task. That is not possible your the devices you are using, but that does not mean you cannot do what you want.


So, what do you mean by Acquire at the same time


Do you just want them running the acquisition in parallel? Do you need them starting at the same time? Do you need them fully synchronized (sharing start trigger and sample clock)?


This article can tell you more about this subject.


Timing and Synchronization Features of NI-DAQmx


Hope that helps!

Felipe Flores
Application Engineer
National Instruments Brazil

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