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Error 200546, external calibration failed and the external calibration data has not been saved

I tried to calibrate a PCI 6259 M card with the following code:
(Visual Studio 2005, C#, using DAQmx.dll)

public static void ExecuteExternalCalibration(string devicename, double voltage)


Device dev = DaqSystem.Local.LoadDevice(devicename);



ExternalCalibrationSession session = dev.StartExternalCalibration("NI");




catch (DaqException exception)


throw new ApplicationException("NI-Error", exception);


// catch


After calling the method with parameters dev1 and 7 (V) the error 200546 occurs:

"External calibration failed and the external calibration data has not been saved. Make sure, that the reference signal used for the calibration is stable and that the voltage matches the value specified to the calibraton software. Discconnect the device from any external signals that migth be introducing noise."

Is there any problem with my code or with the hardware (I´m using the connector module 2111)? How do I get +7 Volt to ai0 and -7 Volt to ai8?


Thanks for every help, Juergen.

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Hello Juergen,
I have several questions related to this issue.
Did your board 6259 passed self-test in MAX? What about self calibration in MAX? Did you try this option? Do you have another board to test you application?Please make sure that the reference signal for the calibration is stable.
The attached picture show you how do you connected AI0 and AI8 on BNC 2111 box.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Best regards,

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