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Error 200524 in DAQ 6216

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Thanks Seth, Thanks a lot for your help.



Himanshu Nagpal

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Hi Seth,

One last question, is there any way in which i can add how many switches you want to use? I want to make program it in a way it is  generalise for all cases. If user enters 5 it runs first 5 ports and if choses 32 ports it runs 32 ports or 10 ports it runs logic for 10 ports and ignore rest.


Thank You



Himanshu Nagpal 

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You can use the "Array Subset" function.  It will look something like this:



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Hi Seth,

Sorry, I have a question again. Actually I am trying to write  it in a text file and table. I want when it runs first time it write temperature and power meter reading for switch1, switch2, ....(so on) ( which ar nothing port1, 2,..  I have just givn them a name of switch1,2..) untill it reaches no. of ports( in array subset) which we will be using. and then outer for loop works it keep updating under sitch1, switch2,---so on.


I made a logic but what it does is it writes under switch1 and temperature. So can you guide me what can I do here?


Thank You



Himanshu Nagpal

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