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Error 200460 when trying to modify DAQmx Voltage - On Demand Output example to monitor channel

For archiving... python solution = 2019-08-06_1415.png

ps. I import nidaqmx as nmx.



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Thanks for the thread update and tip!   That's a pretty handy feature and not widely known.  I've mentioned it a couple times around here after having it pointed out to me by @JB on the Idea Exchange some years back.  It deserves more publicity!



-Kevin P

CAUTION! New LabVIEW adopters -- it's too late for me, but you *can* save yourself. The new subscription policy for LabVIEW puts NI's hand in your wallet for the rest of your working life. Are you sure you're *that* dedicated to LabVIEW? (Summary of my reasons in this post, part of a voluminous thread of mostly complaints starting here).
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And possibly a subtle mention in the manual, since I suspect for many applications, being able to read back what the output is to then control the subsequent output handling is extremely useful. It could be a single line indicating the possibility exists, people can always go search out a how *if* they know that a how actually exists.



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