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Error 10800 - Ni-DAQ PCI 6024E

Good day All,


Can you please assist me.


I have an embedded PC with a PCI-6024E.

The PCI-6024E uses Ni-DAQ Traditional(Legacy) 7.4.4 software.

I tested the card using MAX and after selecting "Test Resouces", the following error is displayed " The device is not responding to the selected base address"


I tried running the associated labview application, and the following error is displayed " Error 10800 occured at AI Single Scan"


Remedial action tried

(i) I unistalled and reinstalled software Ni-DAQ Traditional(Legacy) 7.4.4 

(ii) I moved PCI-6024E to a different slot.


The errors still persist. Can you help me please.


Kind Regards,


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Have you had this setup working before, and what do the LED's look like? Also, have you tried implementing this in another computer?


Also, please refer to this article which references that same message you are receiving:

Marco C.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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Your link leads to page error... Is there a new location for this... I am have this issue as well.

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