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Multifunction DAQ

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Error -10403 for PCI-6503 card, WinXP


   I just started to learn DAQ, and found this error msg constantly showing up when I was trying the example codes.


"Error -10403 occurred at AO Group Config. Possible reasons: NI-DAQ LV: The specified device does not support the requested action (the driver recognizes the device, but the action is inappropriate for the device)." Since this error msg pops up every time, I haven't been able to run any vi yet.


 I went to MAX, and tried to configure the channels, but there is only device number option, no channel config option.


Can anybody point out a solution? Thanks.





Windows XP sp3/Win2000 sp4

Labview 5.1.1

NI-DAQ 6.9.3



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Configuring AI (analog input) or AO (analog output) won't work for a device that supports only digital I/O, such as your PCI-6503. The 'Digital I/O Function Group' section in Chapter 3 of the Traditional NI-DAQ User Manual might be useful.


Is using a version of LabVIEW later than 5.1 an option? I would recommend using NI-DAQmx for new development unless you need to use Traditional NI-DAQ (for instance if you have a preexisting application written against the Traditional NI-DAQ APIs), but unfortunately according to the compatibility chart you would need at least LabVIEW 7.0 to do so.

Brandon Streiff ·
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We got some old programs running based on even older versions, so the upgrade seems not likely though.


My project was previously running on a Lab-PC 1200AI card, that old PC died and it is not easy to find a ISA equiped computer nowadays. Are there any economical alternatives to Lab-PC 1200AI with either PCI or PCI express interface? and also compatible with labview 5.1.1


Thanks for your time, really appreciate it.

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Functionally speaking, the PCI-6025E E Series DAQ is probably the closest match:

* Lab-PC 1200/AI: 8SE/4Diff, 12-bit, 100kS/s AI; no AO; 24 DIO lines; 3 8MHz counters.

* PCI-6025E: 16SE/8Diff, 12-bit, 200kS/s AI; 2 12-bit AO; 32 DIO lines; 2 20MHz counters.


The PCI-6025E is supported in both Traditional NI-DAQ and DAQmx. The Lab-PC 1200/AI and 6025E use different connectors (50-pin male ribbon connector vs a 100-pin female D-type), so your cabling will have to change. The 6025E also has one less counter than the Lab-PC 1200/AI, so if you're depending on that then it may not be a fit.


Looking forward, anything newer than E Series (such as M Series or X Series) is going to be supported only in NI-DAQmx, so I do recommend you at least consider upgrading your existing software to use NI-DAQmx in the future. NI-DAQmx provides easier APIs, ease-of-use features such as the DAQ Assistant, and better multithreaded performance than Traditional NI-DAQ; a FAQ is available that further compares the two.

Brandon Streiff ·
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