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End-of-Life Announcement for DAQmx Base Driver

What Is Happening?

NI has determined that the current capability of NI-DAQmx Base is not sustainable over the long term and has announced the EOL of the driver.


NI-DAQmx Base was a driver that supported a limited subset of hardware and was difficult to maintain. Rather than continue providing a suboptimal experience to our macOS and Linux users, NI is prioritizing giving the best experience to the most DAQmx users, on Windows and Linux operating systems. NI-DAQmx supports multiple Linux distributions moving forward, including Red Hat, CentOS, and openSUSE. NI-DAQmx Base no longer receives updates.'


What Do I Need to Do to Ensure Continued Functionality on My macOS System?

If you are a macOS user using DAQmx Base, you can continue to use your current version (15.0), and the download link will remain on The DAQmx Base driver will not be compatible with the newly announced 10.15 update to macOS (macOS Catalina). To preserve your current test system, you should disable automatic updates for your macOS, and ensure you have backups of your pre-10.15 OS available.


If you are unable to stay on macOS 10.14, please contact your NI account manager.


Note: Virtual machines and Apple hardware running Windows or specific versions of Linux (dual-boot or other) will continue to be compatible with the full version of NI-DAQmx.


How Can I Back Up My macOS System to Preserve Compatibility?

Your specific OS instructions may differ, but there are numerous resources available online around stopping/reverting updates.


How to back-up macOS using Time Machine:


How to disable macOS automatic updates (for system administrators):


What Does This Mean for DAQmx Base on Linux and Windows?

NI is also ending support for DAQmx Base on Linux and Windows. In 2018, DAQmx for Linux was publicly released, which includes support for most of our latest hardware. NI is committed to providing continued support for Linux and Windows with the DAQmx driver. The last version of DAQmx Base for these OSes is the 15.0 release.


What Are the Plans for LabVIEW on macOS and Other NI Drivers?

NI is continuing support for LabVIEW, the PXI Platform Services drivers, and our instrument control drivers (NI-VISA, NI-488.2). The DAQmx Base EOL does not affect support of myDAQ hardware, which uses a separate driver. 


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