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Does the PXI-6052E include onboard anti-aliasing filters?

I'm going to modify an acquisition system based on the PXI-6052E board.
When having a look at the 6052 data sheet before to start working, I discovered that the hardware block diagram doesn't show any anti-aliasing filter before the MUX. (The same diagram for the S-Series multifunction boards does show it, but in that case there is also a specific ADC converter for each channel, therefore no MUX)
Does it really mean that there is absolutely no filter in the 6052 or it is just not specifically reported (maybe included in the MUX block)?
Thanks in advance!
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there are no filters on multiplexed E-Series devices like the PXI-6052E. If you need low-pass filtering there are several options, including the SCC and SCXI signal conditioning platforms. For PXI there are also combo-chassis available that integrate PXI and SCXI modules.

Best regards,

Jochen Klier
National Instruments Germany
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Hello Jochen,
thank you very much for the info: I will place a filter before, then.
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