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Does the PCI 4462 use 33Mhz or 66Mhz bus?

I am trying to install a NI PCI-4462 on a PC-104/+ computer using a PCI adapter card.  I have done this successfully on higher end PC104/+ CPU without any problems, but on the lower end CPU I am having conflicts with onboard ethernet.  The onboard Ethernet stops functioning as soon as the PCI-4462 card is installed.  Looking at the specs of the motherboard and it says that it only supports 3.3V cards running at 33Mhz.  Does the PCI-4462 run at 3.3V and at 33Mhz?  I need t know this before I can begin talking to the motherboard supplier.  I already have DAQMX installed and my OS is Fedora Core 7 linux.


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Hi ikiller,
As can be seen on page 15 of the NI 446x Specifications, the PCI-4462 draws 2.3 A at 3.3 V. This might be more power than is provided by your CPU, so the 4462 could be drawing power meant for your ethernet card. With regards to the clock rate, I am unsure of what the card is running at.

With regards to your operating system, something to make note of is that National Instruments only supports the following distributions of Linux: Mandriva Linux Official, Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS, and  SUSE Linux. This support is provided for 32-bit, x86 platforms only.


Mallori M.

Mallori M
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I managed to get it working yesterday by changing some jumper settings on my PCI adapter board, it seems that the motherboard had a dedicated PCI bus for the ethernet.

But on a side note, you did not answer my question as asked.  I too had been through the specifications and I too noted the voltage requirements which are more than adequately handled by a power supply layer in my PC104 stack.  The question was wheather the NI board operates at 33Mhz or 66 Mhz.  This seems to be a rather basic question which I would expect you would be able to answer.  But thanks for looking through the same specifications that I looked through.
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Hi ikiller,

Please realize that the forums are a world-wide community in which anybody can post onto. With this setup, it can sometimes be difficult to discern what the actual question may be as meaning can be lost over simple text. What one person may think as obvious may not be so obvious on the other end.

If you require a higher support experience than what's provided on National Instruments' forums, I would recommend calling into the  Applications Engineering department. There an engineer can take personal ownership of your issue and reduce misunderstanding.

I'm pleased to hear you have found your solution.

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