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Does PCI-DIO-96 have DMA?

Does the the National Instruments PCI-DIO-96 have Dynamic Memory
Allocation? I was hoping to be able to have digital input be sampled by
the card asynchronously rather than have to force the computer to use
processing time to look for new inputs on the card.


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Your PCI-DIO-96 Board does not has DMA. This board doesn't has any FIFO component on it so its not capable of configuring an on board buffer for later transfer to the computer buffer. The 653x family does have DMA, but the 650x family in which your PCI-DIO-96 board belongs to does not has DMA. You can find more information on each products catalog webpage in the datasheet link. (

Your best approach with this board is performing handshaking I/O.

Good luck!...

Nestor Sanchez
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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