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Does NI-9262 Support Multiple DAQmx Tasks?

We have a cDAQ system that includes an NI-9262 Analog Output module. We want to use 4 channels of the 9262 to output waveform data and 2 other channels to output static values. When we try to run these as 2 separate DAQmx tasks, we get resource conflict errors when the second task is run. The tasks do not run simultaneously.


Is it possible to run 2 DAQmx tasks using different channels of the same NI-9262?  Our experience and the following post have us wondering...


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Turns out that the NI-9262 does support multiple tasks. The key was to unreserve resources after every run of the dynamic task that uses waveform data which unreserves its clock. This is as explained in item 1 of this Knowledge Base article Error -50103 When Using NI-DAQmx With LabVIEW or in NI-MAX - National Instruments

Here's the nugget:

  • Add a DAQmx Control at the end of the task, and set its action to unreserve


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