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Does NI 6110 support the DAQmx function "DAQmxGetReadOverloadedChansExist"

I'm using a NI 6110 card and want to chack if an overload occured. When implementing the DAQmx function "DAQmxGetReadOverloadedChansExist", I only receive an error meassage. Does this mean the NI 6110 does not support this function? How can one check/find out which functions a board supports?
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The 6110 does not support the OverloadChansExist property, this is typically supported by our DSA boards. You can find a list of the supported properties in the LabVIEW Help or NI-DAQmx C Reference Help. You can open either of these help files and select the search tab. You should search for 6110 and look for the NI PCI-6110 Supported Properties page. This page will list the DAQmx properties that can be used with your device. There is a page that discusses the Overload properties in more detail titled Overload Detection and it explains that even using this property with a DSA board, you will only know if an overload occurred within that data set. You should use a range that will ensure that your signal will not overload the board and your data will be valid.

Steve B

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