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Do you have an old NI DAQ board "AT-MIO-16DL-9" or similar one?

For a paticular project, we need an old NI-DAQ board "AT-MIO-16DL-9" or a similar one which works under DOS? Please let me know if you have one and are willing to SELL to us?
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Hi NI Developer,

I work for Data Science Automation, one of NI's Select Integrators. We update all of the machine in our various training rooms and have a pile of machines with what I believe are "AT-MIO-16-E2"s (from memory, I will have to verify).

You can call

Paul Nedzesky @ (724) 745-8400

if you are interested.

Retired Senior Automation Systems Architect with Data Science Automation LabVIEW Champion Knight of NI and Prepper LinkedIn Profile YouTube Channel
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