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Digital output updating takes 'no time'?

Hi all,


I'm doing some DAQ tasks, synchronized AI/DO, using CO as time base. I'm using lv 8.5 with USB 6259 card. I know that updating AO takes about 2~3 seconds in 'allow regeneration mode'. But I didn't find the update rate of DO in the manual, and I did a test and it seemed to me the DO updating takes almost no time.So is it ture that the DO updating happens within one clock cycle?

And I have some more questions:

1. Is 'allow regeneration mode' property node available for DIGITAL output?

2. If I use AI to detect DO, can I update the DO and consider the synchronized AI in the same loop as its new value (the point of this is I want to make sure the DO update happens with no delay)

3. Is it true that when I disable the DAQmx write node inside the loop, the computer will stop writting to the buffer? (I don't want to keep writing to the buffer if not neccesary)


Thank you.


Best wishes,


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Hi, could some one please give a hand? Cheers.




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