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Digital WFM_OP?!?

Is there a digital version of WFM_OP that anybody knows about? We are trying
to use synchronized digital and analog signals on the same PCI6713.

Please send replies to my work e-mail address:

Thank you!
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The PCI-6713 hardware does not support timed or buffered digital operations. You can only do software timing, where you call a function to immediately write to or read from the digital line or port. The functions that you can use for the PCI-6713 are described in the NI-DAQ Help file installed with the NI-DAQ driver software:


Another helpful resource for NI-DAQ function call information is the NI-DAQ User Manual. It contains descriptions and flow charts for using the functions for certain operations. For the boards that do support buffered digital operations, you would use functions like DIG_Block_In or DIG_Block_Out.

If having the hardware for timing your digital operations
is necessary, you may want to consider another board to use in conjunction with the PCI-6713. National Instruments DAQ boards have a Real-Time System Integration (RTSI) bus connector that allows you to connect multiple boards for internal routing and/or synchronization of timing signals.

The 653x family of boards has 32 digital lines of which you can configure 2 timed digital groups. You can view more information from the page and from the 653x User Manual.

You can find manuals from the page by choosing Product Manuals from the Technical Resources pull-down menu.


Geneva Li
National Instruments
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