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Diagram showing the connector pin assignments for a TBX-68 terminal block

Could someone provide me with a diagram showing the connector pin assignments for a TBX-68 terminal block? The terminal block is connected to a PCI-6204E board.

Thank you for your time

Andrew Lockyer
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Since pins 1 through 68 are clearly marked on the terminals, I'm guessing that what you really want is the pin out of your DAQ board. That information should be in the manual that came with the board. I could find no reference to a 6204 board on NI's site so I can't point you to an electronic version that you can download. Double check the model number of your board. Once you locate the manual and the pin out of the 68 pin connector on your board, then everything else is simple. Assuming you have a 68 pin ribbon cable connected between the board and the terminal block, then pin 1 on the board is pin 1 on the terminal block, etc.
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This information is available in the E series manual, however if you have DAQmx 7.x you can view the pinouts for the device within Measurement and Automation explorer. Select the device and then select device pinouts.

Hope this helps

Steven Bird
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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