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Device visible in MAX but not in VISA

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Hello All !

I am trying the get NI USB 6361 running. It is visible under Device Monitor and in MAX. No Errors are diplayed. I even was able to get it to work (set 10V to analog_out1) via the Device Monitor/testpanel.

Anyway i fail to get a connection via VISA. The error message reads something like "device not present in the system" 

Drivers were installed automaticly after Connection of the USB device, do i need different Drivers for VISA?


I am thankful for any suggestion on how to solve this


VISA Nr of Implimentation 17.0

VISA Nr of Specification 5.7

MAX Ver17.0

LabVIEW 2017

Windows 10 Version 1703






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The USB-63xx series uses the NI-DAQmx driver API, not VISA.

Brandon Streiff ·
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