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DaqPad 6016 synchronize AI/AO

I just bought a NI DaqPad 6016 and I would like to use the "Multi-function-Synch" example to apply several sawtooth signal period to an output port and read an input signal in the same time. Each sawtooth is made of 255 samples, and is applied in 1 s.
How to modify the example to be able to use it with the 6016 DaqPad, with no "size error".
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I don't understand your problem, normally the DAQpad 6016 should be able to read signal at a sampling rate up to 1.25 MHz, so 255 sample is far to be the limit. Could you detail your problem ?

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Hello, I think you are french and me too, but I keep going with english for others to be understood! Sorry to answer so late. You will find enclosed the example I cannot use with this card, even by changing input rate and update generation rate I still have an error message -200016. I read that with this card we can reach 333 samples /second with software timed, and 75 samples/second with hardware timed. We look for a 255 samples/second, so a software timed should be necessary, how to do it in this example??? Thanks for your answer Corinne
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I forgot to tell you that I am using a pentium 4, 2.6GHz, 256Mo of RAM with labview 7.1. Thanks Corinne
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