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DaqMX 19.0 runtime ?

There would be no such questions and doubts if NI was distributing an official runtime as before.

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You are right, I was on tab "Packages" but I have to go on tab "Installers and Repositories" to create an Installer.


I managed to create an installer for DAQmx Runtime only.
Thank you.

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The situation has not evolved : it seems that NI really decided not to build the run-time installer as before, and prefer answering support requests about package builder usage.

This is really a non-sense for me. Every SDK is always distributed either for developer of for run-time clients, and it is really better to

-do not force developers to store and versionize huge packages and perform extra and time-consuming work just to build an installer that they will have to maintain and correlate to client problems that might always use older versions according to their software update policy

-give confidence about the deployed binaries since they come from an official source

-help reduce software distribution size since we can point to the official NI installer rather than embedding a custom one

-help clients being up-to-date by letting them upgrade the run-time when they want from the official NI downloads

-help educating clients about what they need to deploy a solution, and what they really install on their machine

-help support by delegating any NI deployment issue to the official forums


So far we had no answer about the reason why the official runtime has been dropped.


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I did not change my mind. version 20.1 and still no standard redistributable run-time.

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Dear NI,

Would you dare issuing a poll to ask *users* what they think of your "no more official distributed run-time" policy that you unilateraly decided ?


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