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DaqMX 19.0 runtime ?

We also need this to redistribute correct version with our software.


Running user's through a NI PAckage Manager / version match process is not an option.


We really need the runtime redistributable installer.




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Hi All, 


NI Package Builder can be used to create a DAQmx runtime installer. Instructions on using NI Package Builder can be found in Create a Custom Installer for 2019 NI Software.


When you open Add Packages window, select Installed Packages and select All Visible Packages at the top right corner as seen in the image below:


You can can then run this installation silently though command line or a batch file using the commands:

cd "C:\<installer directory>"
start /wait Install.exe --passive --accept-eulas --prevent-reboot

See Automating an Online or Offline Installer for full details. 


Let us know if this helps achieve the functionality you're looking for. 


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This is an akward, terrible solution, ideal to build a broken and unofficial package that won't deploy correctly on client machines.

Just build the run-time yourselves as you did before !


Just to be more precise : with such a solution, the responsability is upon me to build a package that includes everything that is needed for the run-time. But I am not an expert : I might be wrong and build a package missing essential parts. And it won't work on client machines.

So far, NI is the best person to build the run-time installer : you are supposed to know all the details and build the optimal installer.


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Hi Pierrechatelier, 


Selecting NI-DAQmx Runtime (or any other item) from "Add Packages" will automatically add it's dependencies to the installer or repository so there shouldn't be any issue with including everything that is needed for the run-time.


How Can I Install Only the Runtime Engine of an NI Driver? gives the options as

1) Download full driver, install only runtime

2) Include runtime in LabVIEW Installer

3) Create runtime only installer using NI Package Builder 


I've passed on comments in this forum internally. If you have any further feedback I'd also recommend making a post on the Ideas Exchange (monitored by R&D directly), and posting the link here so anyone viewing this forum can vote using 'kudos' on whether the idea should be implemented.


Kind regards, Rebecca

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I really dislike this solution and feel angry about it.



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We have the same requirement in our company... Some of our test rigs are not connected to the network, so we can't use the online installer.

And we can't use the offline installer (full version) because file is too big to be easily shared.

Any solution?

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Hey Romain.P 


If you need an offline small installer I think option 3 would be the most suitable. 


3) Create a runtime installer using NI Package Builder 

I've built a DAQmx Runtime 19.1 32-bit installer today to test and it comes out at ~390MB.



These installation files can then be transferred and installed on the offline PCs. 





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This solution isn't really very good.  It generates a directory full of files rather than a single .exe installer.  I could zip up but now my customers have to unzip somewhere and run the installer which windows then warns them is unsigned. I'm not really comfortable signing your installer.


As mentioned before the correct solution is for NI to build and sign a standalone runtime installer that we can point our customers at.  Rather than having tens? hundreds? thousands? of people having to build their own.


Many thanks, Ben.

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How can I create a package with ONLY the DAQmx Runtime?
I added the Runtime as dependency, but I can't build the package because of the following warning:


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Are you trying to build a package, or a package installer? If you'd like an installer for DAQmx Runtime only I'd use the Installers and Repositories tab in Package Builder as per step 3 in How Can I Install Only the Runtime Engine of an NI Driver?.


If not, DAQmx Run-time is already a package so you can just use "ni-daqmx-runtime-core". The "Warning -16052" is reflecting the fact you've not added any files on the left hand side:




I tried it out without any files and got the "Warning -16000" Analysis discovered one or more warnings. No files are in "New Package"" but the package is still created successfully in the directory specified. 

Hope this helps,



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