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DIsable CTR 0 OUT

I'm using a DAQ 6024 E PCMCIA card and LABVIEW 8.2. I've a signal connected to both the counter output (CTR 0 OUT) as well as a analog input (AI1) because in some circumstances I have to drive the signal and in other cicumstances I've to read the signal. The problem is that I cannot read the signal anymore as soon that my counter output has been used before. The output on CTR 0 OUT depends on the last output that has been put on this pin and I thus measure the counter output instead of the signal that I want to measure.
Is there a way to disable and re-enable (software/hardware) the counter output on my card and how can I proceed? At the moment I've put a switch on my connection block in order to disconnect the counter output when necessary.
Kind regards,
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Hello Nicolas,

I think that you can find the answers to your questions. HERE

Kind Regards,
National Instruments

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Nice! Your input was very valuable.
Using the DEVICE RESET vi works great and simplifies my measuring procedure.
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